Open Jeep Safari

The ferocious tiger lies behind the dense bamboo bushes, patiently waiting for its victim. These are some of the sights that await you on a jungle safari in Jaipur. This safari is unlike any other, filled with surprises and thrills. Seeing nature's inhabitants in their natural habitat and showing real emotions is nothing short of a privilege.

Horse Riding

Lohagarh Fort Resort offers a wonderful horseback riding experience. Our well-trained riders will double your enjoyment of horseback riding in the Aravalli Hills and provide you with an experience you will remember for many years to come.

Balloon Shooting

Put your aim and reflexes to the test with our thrilling balloon shooting activity. Hone your shooting skills as you try to burst the vibrant balloons using a bow and arrow. Challenge your loved ones to a friendly competition and see who can score the highest. It's a fun-filled activity that guarantees excitement and laughter. Aim carefully, release your arrow, and watch as the balloons burst in a burst of colour. Get ready to embrace the challenge and create lasting memories with your friends and family.


Engage yourself in the thrilling game of snooker , an exciting activity that is exclusively available for our esteemed guest at the resort . Show off your skills and strategies your shot while enjoying friendly competition in a vibrate and energetic atmosphere .

Swimming Pool

Stay devoted to your exercise routine while on vacation at Lohagarh Fort Resort, which has cutting-edge equipment such as treadmills, cross-trainers, step machines, free weights, and more. The pool is located next to the resort's main restaurant and is the ideal area to relax while enjoying poolside service for light nibbles and refreshing beverages.

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