The Capital City and the Pink City of Rajasthan- Jaipur is a famous tourist destination holding various Royal Architectures and Cultural Heritage of the state in its arms. Founded in AD 1727 by Sawai Jaisingh, Jaipur’s history boasts spacious gardens and broad avenues. The city was home to various Rulers of both Rajput and Mughal Dynasty. Every corner of Jaipur represents the historical events of the place in one way or other. Colorful Markets, Delicious Dishes, Vivid Culture, and Royal Tradition of the place attracts a large number of tourists every year. For all these reasons, Jaipur is the perfect Weekend Destination for Family and Couples. Various monuments and forts in Jaipur are breathtaking and reveals the regal legacy of Rajput families. The main attractions of Jaipur are Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and many more.

Also, Jaipur has always been the first choice of people when it comes to corporate events. Amid the royal settings, the corporate events in Jaipur are indeed a grand prestige.

Corporate Conferences

At Lohagarh Fort Resort, we provide a unique environment which is quite productive for any business activities you might be conducting with or for your clients. From training seminars to a dealer’s meeting, product launch, team building sessions and any other corporate event, this resort has the right atmosphere for your event. Education has been a central part of what we offer our clients and we have largely made the conferencing facilities that we provide for you are well furnished with modern equipment’s and setting amidst wonderful sceneries coupled by a professional and experienced team that will ensure that your every need in organizing corporate events is well taken care of. Lohagarh Fort Resort can support many a corporate meetings and sessions to improve productivity of the teams and boost spirit within them.


What must not be underestimated is having a seminar organizing team in a selected location. Staffs at Lohagarh Fort Resort provide their best to ensure that every professional who plans his or her event achieves it smoothly. Ensuring that seminars and presentation are effective depends on the functionality of modern technology in high-quality seminar halls. The reliable internet connection also guarantees the free flowing of information and, therefore Real time information sharing. In addition, specific event organizers are also available in many resorts most of which assist in planning and helps ensure that nothing is left undone.


Get the ultimate training session for your employees at Lohagarh Fort Resort. This hunting resort is well equipped to host corporate events, and with hectares of natural landscape, it has adequate space for workshops. Modern facilities, lovely settings, and clear heads ensure that the participants can concentrate, cooperate, and brainstorm in a peaceful setting. It is now possible to have a focused and professional atmosphere for a workshop through the help of our careful team to make sure all the essentials are provided. Improve knowledge and innovation of your multinational teams in the calm atmosphere of Lohagarh Fort Resort.

Product Launches

The team at Lohagarh Fort Resort understands this and is willing to work towards ensuring that the product launch event that you have in mind is among the most memorable that you will ever have in your lifetime. To assist you in achieving this, we can offer a wide array of choices that can be tailored to fit your specific needs thus making your event unique. With integrant, we integrate so that every aspect of our work reflects the nature and purpose of your company and its products, from the lights to the promotional items. Having a team of resourceful and dedicated team of event planners we guide you through the entire process; from conception to and implementation. This is why so much attention is paid to the fact that everything is being handled precisely since we know the importance of creating unforgettable experience for your guests. If you want to ensure that your visitors leave your premises with a lasting impression after the event, we can help you arrange for attractive catering and other entertainments for the event to make the product launch successful.

Team-Building Events

Groups might enjoy a visit to Lohagarh Fort Resort. The resort will be happy to assist you in creating a memorable experience and setting up enjoyable team-building exercises. Whether your purpose is to make friends or enhance non-verbal communication, the resort will create a strategy to help you achieve it. All year long, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at Lohagarh Fort Resort. You can take your group wall climbing, horseback riding, or to the on-site restaurant for a team supper. In addition, this resort offers modern shooting ranges and sporting clay courses for those interested in shooting activities. Your reservation also grants you access to lots of kids games.

Executive Retreats

It is recommended to take a vacation with an extravagant meal served by celebrity chefs and sourced from local farmers because, honestly, food makes everything so much better. A phrase that offers the opportunity to renew the friendships and relationships with people, to be alone in some sense and have no managers to order one continuously. Also, of course, when you want to explore several customized, individual activities that fit your desire. This resort represents the principle of work and play at the same time to the highest degree They offer you an opportunity to trade the dull, exhausting meetings for the pampering at the spas, and the monotonous grind for the exceptional experiences, and the boring business sessions for the natural beauty of the world.

Corporate Dinners

Lohagarh Fort Resort has been recognized as a leading organization providing the best corporate dinner services. There is always a place and time for a business dinner, a casual meeting and a celebratory banquet and our resort will provide a most appropriate ambience to make it more special. Strategically located to ensure they are surrounded by scenery, our tastefully done, professionally equipped dining spaces for dining shall meet your corporate events and occasions needs by offering. All these combined create a delightful dining experience to guests and are energetically created by our professional dining group. Send your corporation messages on house and nurture team spirit at Lohagarh Fort Resort, where each corporate dinner becomes something special.

Board Meetings

We use the newest technologies to welcome and support our employees, repaying your attention to us, for conferences and other occasions, we will make sure that we show you the value and the significance of the event to you, and how our staff at event centre can assist in achieving those objectives for you. It is also important to note that the Lohagarh Fort Resort will also be optimal for Business. The discipline to remain behind the scene during business transactions, warmth of arms for clients as they enter the premise and enough space to develop a strategic plan for the company for another five years. The ideas are passed from one grass to the other in common grass movement; the ability to provide good customer service and good food also reflects the concern the business has for customers. This is a thrust segment through which the Lohagarh Fort Resort has all the equipment’s needed in a board room meeting in a closed space.

The Training Sessions

Acquaint your team members with all they need to know during our professional training sessions available at Lohagarh Fort Resort. Our resort fully maximizes the teaching learning environment in that the training rooms are adequately equipped with accommodation necessities and these are enclosed in expansive greenery. The environment of the Lohagarh Fort Resort is calm and facilitated which guarantees that the participants do not just work on their growth, but do this while being relaxed. Here we have a team of professionals who shall assist you in planning and implementing the training program. Discover the perfect way of learning at the comfort of Lohagarh Fort Resort, Agra, India.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur resorts is renowned for its royal elegance, and is at the top of the list of traditional Jaipur resorts. This resort’s peaceful location, stunning architecture, and modern luxury are all blended to provide an amazing experience for your Annual General Meetings (AGMs). With everything you could possibly need, it is a popular weekend destination for AGM and a terrific location to relax. There are several places to treat your invited guests, including eateries, cafes, bars, and lounges.

Networking Events

Imagine your Networking meetings and events being hosted in Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur, a whole new level of functionality is cherished. Conferencing facilities are stylish and first-rate, giving us the best meeting rooms and conference facilities in Jaipur. The careful attempt undertaken by us in designing the event spaces in Jaipur will provide a delightful backdrop to your significant events and ensure you and your guests relish the event. Lohagarh Fort Resort you can elegantly host your business conferences and special events! Its large area adequately accommodates about 200 visitors. It is the best location in Jaipur for business meetings as well as social events. One of the best conference rooms in Jaipur, Lohagarh Fort Resort is built to enhance the greatness of your gatherings. In Jaipur, make it the most unforgettable occasion of your Networking Events.

Award Ceremonies

At Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur it is our mission to ensure the award ceremonies planning and execution goes as seamlessly as possible. To provide a great ambience, there are seven conference rooms in the Jaipur based convention center as well as the company’s Grand Ballroom and an in drawing up the seven conference rooms and the Grand Ballroom of the Jaipur convention center up to sufficient a bigger area to host an exclusive event. Therefore, other than this gorgeous venue, which can be the perfect location for your company’s success story, we offer a variety of multimedia support services such as Web casting, the Internet, and Video conferencing. We also offer a wide selection of beverages to be sipped in modern breakout areas and own a dedicated team of cooks who will not let anyone question their ability to cook. Individual meal options for an event are also provided at the Award Ceremonies rooms of Jaipur.

Press Conferences

In addition to providing all the amenities of a five-star hotel, Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur is completely furnished to accommodate all your business convention needs. The resort’s four completely air-conditioned conference spaces, with their ambience of a traditional Rajasthani village, make it a great site for Press Conferences. All preparations, from close gatherings to seminars with up to 250 attendees, can be managed with the friendly, professional efficiency that is Lohagarh Fort Resort specialty. For corporate meals or critical Press Conferences, our Boardroom is the perfect space. The Boardroom  has excellent technical equipment and offers the perfect setting for gatherings for any kind of occasion.

Client Appreciation Events

At Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur, we strive to be your ideal partner in planning your Client Appreciation Events. The extravagant seven conference rooms and the Grand hall of our Lohagarh Fort Resort convention centered has been modelled from the illustrious gold numbering architectural attraction of Rajasthan. Such a splendid view in combination with our broad array of multimedia support services, including webcasting, Internet, and video-conferencing, will guarantee success to your company’s storyline. Besides having a crew of cooks who specialize in making luxurious and delicious meals with specific flavors, products, and textures you may need for your event, we also offer all kinds of beverages making our Client Appreciation Events in Jaipur different from others in the market.

Company Milestone Celebrations

Up to more than 250 people can be seated in for Company Milestone Celebrations in this meeting room. Presenting in this royal location is possible with all of the modern audio-visual equipment. We provide everything required for a productive business conference, from a basic whiteboard to a multi-media LCD projector. This conference room is the ideal venue for Company Milestone Celebration; it is perfect for sessions, lectures, product launches, and other events.

Employee Recognition Events

Often Employee Recognition Events are best held at this location- Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur. What make your stay here more enjoyable is comfort of the new house with modern comforts, shaded by trees and trees, and clean air that is freely available out here. For the areas of improvement of the team, you can also opt for Employee Recognition Events. Team unity will develop out of the activities as people establish friendships out of doing things together and this will keep the team on the right track. Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur has many rooms and is relatively luxurious and this is why it receives many Business men and women. This means it is one of the most fulfilled Corporate Offsite in Jaipur with Night Stay because of well-appointed apartments that represent the spirit of Rajasthani Royal way.

Sales Meetings

If you are planning to organise Sales Meetings soon, It is wise to make a booking with Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur in advance so that you may not face such complications at the end. Additionally, the whole area of these conference rooms is larger. in order that you can identify a specific location for each of your meetings and none of them is intermeshed. It also supports the resort to offer Inside Spaces for holding the Sales Meetings. All put together more than 2000 members can easily be housed comfortably within the indoor features. Similarly, planning of an event would not be a problem when it is meant to take place in the Conference Halls. Many businesses do not coordinate your entire event the way The Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur does. Furthermore, one can choose convenient pastime in his spare time for some relaxation.

Charity Events

Consider having your next charity event in the Lohagarh Fort Resort to take it up a notch – and, your charitable pot. Our Food men have catered for all occasions ranging from fully serviced three course meals to themed, golfing, entertainment, fashion shows and talks by personalities. We are experienced in the organization of elegant and intimately personal charity dinners and other events that promote big ticket sales but are not as risky for going over either your target income or for risking the former. Well, at the Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur there is no concept of one way of approaching something or doing something as it is done anywhere else. Just like any other corporate event such as your charity dinner or event – We would like to know how you imagine it before coming up with a package that meets your event.

Holiday Parties

Lohagarh Fort Resort Jaipur is a lovely place that is well-known for its extensive cultural legacy. Here you will have a fun-filled day trip that will leave a lasting impression. Lohagarh Fort Resort resorts capture the true spirit of Rajasthan, featuring puppet shows, folk dancing, and traditional Rajasthani food. So, get ready for an amazing experience that is assured!  The conveniences and amazing surroundings guarantee that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday party with your family friends and loved ones, while the interior design and architecture pay homage to the area’s history and culture. They have a spa, a lounge, an amazing balcony, and a pool made of sandstone.

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