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NH-8, Kachera Wala, Kukas, Jaipur,  Rajasthan 302028, India

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Daily flights from New Delhi, and Mumbai to Jaipur, 


Convenient daily/overnight trains from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur.


1180 km from Mumbai; 427 km from Udaipur, 368 km from Jodhpur, and 271 km from New Delhi.


Air-conditioned coaches from New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Jodhpur, and Udaipur

About Us

Lohagarh Fort is a phenomenal place with exquisite and magnificent surroundings amidst the Aravalli Range, combining luxury, nature, and comfort in every way. This place is unlike any other, with an immaculate setting, chirping birds singing the song of the sound of the soil, where pure air abounds, and one soul finds peace.

What makes this property even more appealing is that it was created, architected, designed, and built by the owner himself, Mr. Bhagat Singh Lohagarh, who himself is a creative appreciator and creator of art. Belonging to the royal bloodline of Bharatpur’s Silsilwars, he has only been able to do justice to the resort’s creation, keeping history and culture alive and making it resemble nothing less than a kingdom.
Not only does the resort’s creator have historical origins, but the fort as well, making it even more distinctive and unique. According to a Rajpurohit, 300 years ago, the king’s daughter and a banyan tree were betrothed since it is regarded to be auspicious in Hindu traditions.
The 300-year-old banyan tree, the oldest in Rajasthan, still stands, with excellent health and humongous roots. According to the forest authorities, this ancient tree is extremely uncommon and unique, and it is not found in Rajasthan. The trees contribute spiritually to the atmosphere and convey optimism, which is palpable.
Not only is it an ideal place to stay, but its architecture and design make it an excellent venue for a royal wedding. The essence of grandeur provided by this location is absolutely immaculate and astounding. The nooks and corners of this estate have been developed and refurbished with exquisite planning to fulfill the customs and desires of proper traditional marriage and make it even more auspicious.

Where Luxury Meets traditions:

The estate starts with the MUKHYA DWAR, which is outfitted with Jharokhas and Chhatris and is surrounded by a 22-foot-high border wall that prioritizes security.

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According to Hindu traditions, the KUMHER DWAR, located between two JANWASAS, is the principal entry point for the Baraat and associated rites such as Banayi and Chadhayi. Lohagarh fort gives complete security and seclusion to the baraat from the Mukhya Dwar to the Kumher Dwar, which has not been witnessed in any other resort.

We have two “Janwasas” for our guests’ convenience; one for the women, “Kishori Mahal”, where they may gain their own solitude and slumber according to their comfort, and one for the males, Khasmahal, where they can have their own leisure time.
Sehra Chatri is located just outside the entrance door, but inside the “Mukhya Dwar.” This is an old tradition in which the groom wears a Sehra(called Sehra bandi) on his head while getting ready to marry, and it is done on the wedding day.
With the primary goal of security in mind, Shahi Road was built with a 300 m gap between “Mukhya Dwaar” and “Kumher Gate” for performing an old tradition known as Baraat, in which the groom sits on the horse to ride to the wedding destination to perform the wedding.
Just inside the Mukhya Dwar, there is a VIP lounge named “Baradari” where visitors may rest and enjoy the rituals performed in the baraat at their ease.

Services & Amenities

At the hotel

  • ▫️ 24-hour In-Room Dining*
  • ▫️ Laundry/dry-cleaning/pressin
  • ▫️ 24*7 Medical facilities
  • ▫️ Restaurant(s)

Facilities & Amenities are provided on a Complimentary Basis

  • ▫️ 2 Bottles of packaged drinking water
  • ▫️ Soap
  • ▫️ Shampoo
  • ▫️ Shower Gel
  • ▫️ Toilet Rolls – 2 nos
  • ▫️ Moisturiser
  • ▫️ Comb
  • ▫️ Dental Kit *
  • ▫️ Shaving Kit *
  • ▫️ Bathroom Slippers *
  • ▫️ Tea/Coffee Maker
  • ▫️ Newspapers
  • ▫️ Hair Dryer
  • ▫️ In-room safe
  • ▫️ Makeup mirror
  • ▫️ Wi-Fi usage
  • ▫️ Twice daily housekeeping services
  • ▫️ Television


  • ▫️ Naturopathy spa
  • ▫️ Jeep safaris 

Banyan Restaurant

One of the famed restaurants within the gorgeous valleys of Lohagarh Fort. The restaurant is recognized for its requiem of gourmet dishes and luxurious look and is built around an age-old banyan tree that has grown as an encircling guardian to greet guests at the restaurant.  The restaurant is intended for some of the most exotic family dinners and celebratory gatherings for groups of 60 to 80 people. 

Breakfast: 7 AM to 10 AM, Lunch: 2PM to 3.30 PM, Dinner: 7 PM to 10.30 PM. Between

Shikargah Restaurant

Envisioned as the hunting lodge of the royals of yesteryear, the Shikargah has been made entirely of wood and stone slabs, thus being an architectural marvel for the guests and serving a plethora of delectable cuisines from across the globe! The exotic setting can accommodate 60 to 80 guests, making it ideal for small family gatherings and feasts like mehndi or haldi lunches.

Timings: 24 hours

Check-In and Checkout Policy

Check-in time and policies

Check-in time: 14 pm

Early Check-in: Subject to availability

Check-out time: 11 am

If you wish to extend your stay, subject to availability of room.

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